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    Vintage Airstream Restoration & Repairs is our passion. After almost forty years of taking neglected older homes away from the bulldozers path, Gene Magre completed an award winning career in the home restoration business.

    Today Gene’s passion has evolved into reviving life from yesterday’s older neglected Airstream Trailers. Specifically, Gene and his company “VARR” (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs), restores the vintage, pre-1970 Airstream Trailers. Vintage Airstreams continue to bloom and satisfy those who have a Thirst for Adventure, New Sights, Smells and Vistas.

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    Vintage Airstream Trailers

    Nothing says ROMANCE and TRAVEL like a restored VINTAGE AIRSTREAM Trailer. You see them now and then because they are the most ICONIC Travel Trailers ever conceived.

    Airstream started in 1931 and VINTAGE AIRSTREAMS are now being restored all over the world. For sure you can count on upgrading and having repairs to the older “SILVER BULLETS,” but once completed, you will own the most TIMELESS Travel Trailer ever built. Your investment also will increase since there are a limited number of Airstream Trailers built in the Vintage years 1931-1970.

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  • 45 Years’ Experience in Restoration/Repairs
  • Influential Privacy
  • Insurance Claim, Appraisals, and Estimates
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  • High End Products
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom Holding Tanks
  • High End Fabrics

We can restore your vintage Airstream & make your DREAM into a REALITY!


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