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  • Restorations & Repairs
    Professionals Craftsmanship

    Knowing the importance of experienced professionals, VARR has assembled some of the best craftsman to EVALUATE, DESIGN, and RESTORE each uniquely hand crafted “silver bullet” Airstream.

  • Airstream Trailer Transportation
    Special offer from VARR:

    for customers looking to do a full frame-off restoration on your vintage Airstream trailer we will cover the cost to ship your trailer to our facility in Utah from Old Colony, Utah , as well as anywhere in the continental USA.

  • Airstream Collision Repairs
    or damage from an “act of God”

    Depending on the severity of the damage our crew can either mold the damaged aluminum panels back into shape, or if needed we can cut and shape new custom aluminum panels.

  • VARR
    A Vintage Passion

    Vintage Airstream Restoration & Repairs is our passion. After almost forty years of taking neglected older homes away from the bulldozers path, Gene Magre completed an award winning career in the home restoration business, serving client throughout Old Colony, Utah

    Today Gene’s passion has evolved into reviving life from yesterday’s older neglected Airstream Trailers in Old Colony, Utah . Specifically, Gene and his company “VARR” (Vintage Airstream Restorations & Repairs), restores the vintage, pre-1970 Airstream Trailers. Vintage Airstreams continue to bloom and satisfy those who have a Thirst for Adventure, New Sights, Smells and Vistas throughout Old Colony, Utah .

Airstream Services
Vintage Airstream Restoration and Repairs

  • Airstream Aluminum Fabrication Repair

    Many of the aluminum panels require special attention to bring the damaged aluminum panels back to life. With a good plan, even the hardest and most difficult panel could be redesigned and reassembled to be water tight.

  • Airstream Awnings & Steps

    Awning fabrics have come out with many fabric choices for you to pick from, even special logos for your business. Many awnings themselves can add as much as twice the exterior living space. Steps must be maintained for safety and easy access.

  • Airstream Axle Replacement

    Axles, specially those of older production need to be maintained and monitored consistently through the travel year. Brakes, bearing and the axles itself must be part of the maintenance program for families and well as businesses.

  • Airstream CAD Design by VARR

    Custom CAD design is critically important especially for the female who has a bent for personal design and component interiors.

  • Airstream Collision Repairs

    With the advent of the modern Airstream travel has become an exciting commodity. Along with the commodity many more trailers are now on the road often times creating many more accidents, which VARR specialize in repairing.

  • Airstream Custom Cabinetry

    From acrylics to fine imported wood working, cabinetry has become a very popular and esthetic of part of traveling. It seems any of the interiors have been well design to meet all family needs and possible business travels.

  • Airstream Custom Sliding Glass Windows

    Fabricating custom sliding glass doors has always been over the top design and ingenuity. The designs at times can be very challenging but very exciting for travel and even business.

  • Airstream Electrical & Plumbing

    One of the more important part of restoring and repairing an outdated travel trailer is replacing old electrical and plumbing contents to meet today’s standard and code requirements.

  • Airstream Floor Repair & Replacement

    Before replacing your old flooring with new flooring always look at your subfloor for any water damage. When picking out new flooring remember that your Airstream will be in extreme weather conditions

  • Airstream Frame Off Restoration

    After 50 years of not knowing what your condition of your frame is very unsafe for you and your family or business. Doing a frame off we will examine your frame and frame rails and make the safe repairs needed.

  • Airstream Interior Design by VARR

    CAD drawing is very important not only to the customer but to build out. Designing for your family or business concept before you start will cut down on your cost and it will give you a visual before we start the restorations.

  • Vintage Neon Sign Restoration

    Classic neon sign for your business is iconic and will give your business out of the ordinary advertising display.

  • Airstream Polishing

    Noting like a polished Airstream trailer that will stand out of the rest of the travel trailers. It is a classic iconic look. The process of polishing ones Airstream is very time consuming and dirty job to take on.

  • Airstream Rock Guard Replacement

    Always making sure that your rock guard is in good working order. This will prevent panel damage and or braking your window. Here are VARR we can custom make your upper rock guard.

  • Airstream Safety Repairs

    Always making sure that your family or business is safe on the road. Having VARR double test system will save you money down the road, better to prevent rather than cure and problem.

  • Airstream Window Repairs

    Airstream is nitrous for leaky windows. Here at VARR we will check for any leaks and will repair any window leaks that you have and or window hardware.

  • Airstream Sanitizing and Disinfecting

    After 50 years of not knowing what has been living inside of your walls here at VARR we will pressure wash your inner walls, make sure that everything is sanitized before your restoration.

  • Airstream Winterizing

    It is getting that time of year to winterize your Airstream trailer. VARR will blow out all of your lines making sure that your Airstream winterized and we also de-winterize your Airstream.

  • Restoring Vintage Airstream Trailers for our neighbors in Old Colony, Utah .

    Nothing says ROMANCE and TRAVEL like a restored VINTAGE AIRSTREAM Trailer. You see them now and then because they are the most ICONIC Travel Trailers ever conceived.

    Airstream started in 1931 and VINTAGE AIRSTREAMS are now being restored all over the world. For sure you can count on upgrading and having repairs to the older “SILVER BULLETS,” but once completed, you will own the most TIMELESS Travel Trailer ever built. Your investment also will increase since there are a limited number of Airstream Trailers built in the Vintage years 1931-1970.

Why Choose VARR
Custom Vintage Airstream Restoration

  • Custom Interior Design
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Business Branding/Marketing Trailer
  • Customer Friendly Atmosphere
  • 45 Years’ Experience in Restoration/Repairs
  • Insurance Claim, Appraisals, and Estimates
  • Arranged Transportation
  • High End Products
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Custom Holding Tanks
  • High End Fabrics

We can restore your vintage Airstream & make your DREAM into a REALITY!


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  • Client’s from Old Colony, Utah Choose Vintage Airstream Restorations Utah for; Full Airstream Frame Off Restoration, Aluminum and Metal Fabrication, Custom Cabinetry, Interior Design, CAD Design, Window Repairs, in Old Colony, Utah | FREE One Way Transportation With All Full Restorations

  • We specialize in full vintage Airstream restorations for client's across the United Stated. Offering FREE one way transportation with all full restorations. Call Gene at (435) 654-5465 for more details.